Step 8 HR Roll-Out

Now that the payroll settings are uploaded in Nmbrs, it is time to make optimal use of all possibilities which Nmbrs has to offer in the area of HR.



To make efficient use of Nmbrs, you can use the ESS (Employee Self Service) and the MSS(Manager Self Service). This way, your employees and managers will have access to their own environment, with all the data of which you can determine the visibility yourself. In the article below, you can read everything about assigning access to employees and users. If you have any questions about fine tuning Nmbrs® with regards to internal processes, please contact Nmbrs® to find the most practical solution.

Everything about users


Change requests are an alternative to providing mutations by telephone, email, fax, etc. Changes are requested by a user and may be approved by another user. When the changes are approved, they are transferred to the Nmbrs database so that duplicating the data from emails is no longer necessary.

Everything about mutationforms


Attendance registration

No preparation is required for the attendance settings; they can be used immediately. Open any actual illness cases in the attendance functionality.

Everything about attendance


Registration of HR data

Nmbrs® offers you the possibility to maintain an even more comprehensive HR registration. Take advantage of the following functions:


Action items and signals

Nmbrs® has a vast range of signals. These may also come from set action items. It is advisable to set up action items and signals before the implementation of Nmbrs® to prevent any omissions in the area of leave, attendance, birthdays, contracts etc.

Everything about action items
Everything about signals

Email templates

Each email which is sent from Nmbrs® can be modified, such as the instructions for follow-up of the email but also house style and sender. Modifications can only be done by the account owner.

Everything about email

Theme settings

The theme settings allow for the offering of the application to users with their own logo colour scheme. Also please take note of the access settings of Nmbrs®. Improved security may possibly be required within the organisation.

Adjusting the theme

Run through the security settings



Ensure that you familiarise yourself with the reporting needs and possibilities. The article below will assist you with this.

Reports and Salary documents


Implementation process steps



Knowledge base