Security tips

Visma Nmbrs ensures that your data is secure. However, for a part of this data security, action is also needed from our users. Read our tips on how to protect yourself against security failures and internet criminality.


Choose a strong password. Research has shown that a password is a good length when it contains at least 12 characters. Also ensure that you use capital letters, small letters, digits and special characters. As an additional security option you can set up two-factor authentication in Visma Nmbrs.

Always log out

As soon as you log in we create a session which we use for purposes such as placing information that enables us to identify you at all times. This session ensures that you do not have to log in again on each page you visit or after a short period of inactivity. However, this also gives access to malicious users when you are not at your computer. When you walk away from your desk, always log out!

Installing updates

Wherever possible, we recommend that you use the most recent versions of the Operating System, as well as the browser you work with. If there are any updates, install them as soon as possible.


A frequently used strategy to get access to information is the use of so-called phishing emails. These lead the user to a page that looks like Visma Nmbrs, but is not a Visma Nmbrs page. For this reason, always check the address in the browser before you log in when you click on a link in an email. 

Public WiFi/Hotspots

Visma Nmbrs discourages the use of a public, unprotected network.


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