Step 6 Evaluation


Each implementation must be evaluated; perhaps not all matters have been concluded satisfactorily. It is important to take these items into consideration in the evaluation. We evaluate the project together with all project members.

The evaluation also serves to streamline the ultimate application with the needs and expectations. We would like to hear from you whether you are missing any functionalities or had expected them to be different. Furthermore, you can also help us with the 'lessons learned'.

After the evaluation, the transition to the regular client support flow will commence:How does Support work with Nmbrs®?

Working efficiently with Nmbrs

Automatic payroll runs, run controls and the workflow make for very efficient working with Nmbrs. Now that the implementation is concluded, you can fine-tune and optimally configure Nmbrs. Because the possibilities are very comprehensive, we have composed an article for this;

Implementation check

An implementation of a new software programme can be a daunting process. Some aspects may have been overlooked and that is why it is advisable to review the following items retrospectively:

You can assign different permissions to your employees and HR Managers.

To use Nmbrs as efficiently as possible you can automate a large number of tasks.

General Ledger Account Schemes can be adjusted.

You can create several default employees, so that certain settings can be completed in advance. It may be handy to create a trainee, call employee and a permanent employee in advance.


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