Do it yourself program

Switching to new salary and HR software entails certain steps. You may, of course, decide to do the implementation yourself. Below you will find a description of the help and support you can expect from us.

Who is it for? 

  • Anyone who wishes to implement Nmbrs® on their own
  • Accountants who do not need any extra help in providing guidance

What are the goals?

  • A prepared and trained team ready to work with Nmbrs®
  • Your own Nmbrs® environment where all HR and salary settings are structured efficiently
  • Conversion of all clients (or a portion of them) to Nmbrs®
  • Clients who have access to the system

What programme support is available?

  • Free access to all implementation tools and content
  • Step-by-Step Plan (see below)
  • Check with our onboarding specialist to see whether you might need more help in addition to our Knowledge Base and Helpdesk.


What are the costs?

There are no fixed costs associated with this programme.

How do I start?  

You can start with step 1 right away. In case you have any questions or concerns about whether the DIY programme is right for you, please write tosales@nmbrs.nlor +31(0)85 - 888 9961




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