Up & Go Business Small

Switching to a different HR and salary package entails the necessary work. For new customers who prefer to do the implementation together with an experienced party, Visma Nmbrs offers the Up & Go Program. The implementation is carried out with a carefully certified partner, who is familiar with payroll and HR and knows everything about conversions from multiple systems. Throughout the entire process, the planning and quality are monitored by the Visma Nmbrs Customer Success team.

This is a one-off investment that can easily be regained in the short term by organizing in Visma Nmbrs such a way that maximum efficiency can be achieved from the system.

Please note: the costs for reconstructing the administration in case of a switch during the year do not fall under the Up & Go. An additional charge is calculated based on the number of periods and pay slips to be reconstructed.

For whom?

  • Starting customers
  • Visma Nmbrs Business up to 50 employees
  • No previous Visma Nmbrs knowledge required 

What are the goals?

  • An own Visma Nmbrs environment, in which all salary institutions and the most frequently used HR functionalities are efficiently arranged
  • Employees who have access to the system
  • A prepared and trained team, ready to work with Visma Nmbrs
  • Payroll administrators who make optimum use of all functionalities
  • HR professionals who make optimum use of the most used HR functionalities

What is included?

  • 16 hours of support from an external consultant.
  • Project management using Basecamp. 

How is it done? 

The program can be divided into a number of steps, as described below. If you want a detailed overview of all the settings / functionalities that are covered in the Up & Go program, click here. 

Step 1 Planning and inventory

The Customer Success Team will contact you by telephone for a global inventory, discussing the preparations and assessing whether or not it is necessary to follow the introductory training. Finally, the first appointment is planned, which is entirely dedicated to an extensive inventory and the preparation of the data conversion.

Step 2 Set up & import

The consultant establishes the companies and HR functionalities and imports the employee data.

Step 3 Checking & training

During a joint salary processing, the converted data is checked and the key users are immediately trained in the periodic process. The use of the HR functionalities is also explained.

Step 4 Completion & evaluation

To conclude, it explains how employees, managers and other users have access to Visma Nmbrs. If there is a go-live in the next calendar year, you will receive instructions in the context of the year transit. Finally, the project is evaluated and concluded by telephone together with the Customer Success team. After this, the regular support flow is transferred.

What does it cost?

The Up & Go Business Small program (50 employees) includes 16 hours of assistance and costs € 1490, - (excluding VAT)

How to get started? 

To start with the Up & Go program you can purchase the program directly in Visma Nmbrs via My Account:

The Customer Success team will contact you to schedule the first appointment!


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