Step 2 Training Business

Step 2 entails a training programme in which all users acquire the necessary knowledge for using Nmbrs. The success of the implementation depends largely on the amount of time that can be spent on implementation and the training sessions. To keep the knowledge up to date, it is recommended not to schedule the training sessions too far ahead of the start of the implementation process.

There are three training modules which are relevant for using Nmbrs.

Nmbrs® Business introduction

Target group: prospects (without knowledge of Nmbrs® Business) who would like to familiarise themselves with the HR and payroll application of Nmbrs®.

Payroll with Nmbrs Business

Target group: users of Nmbrs® Business who perform the payroll processing themselves. The programme is here.

HR with Nmbrs Business

Target group: clients of Nmbrs who wish to use the HR functionalities extensively. The programme is here.


Implementation process steps


Knowledge base