Importing employees

Import / Export company level

Please note: Updates and imports cannot be undone! Use the Sandbox for testing.

Please note: An update/import can also be done in the past.

Please note: The import file may contain formulas or macros; only 'clean' text can be imported. In addition, the format must remain the same (no modifications in rows 1 and 2).

Please note:If you carry out an update, then all the data in the Excel sheet will be updated. That means we also overwrite the existing (correct) data. Hiding fields in the Excel file does not change this. If you want to make an update, you will only have to enter (retain) the data in Excel that you actually want to change.

The video below shows how to import wage components. In the remainder of the article the steps are also explained:


For a textual description supported by images, please read below. 

1. Go to company level

2. Click the 'Menu' button in the top right of the screen, then click 'Import/Export Company Level' under 'General'.



1. Set the 'Batch Operation' to 'Employees'.
2. Import: Import new information into Nmbrs via an Excel spreadsheet. The personnel numbers to be imported must be different than those already recorded for the employees in Nmbrs.
3. Update: Update/replace existing information using an Excel spreadsheet. The cannot be undone once the update has been carried out. If you update information, you must only include the changes in the import file. This way, you do not have to delete the information in the import file that has not changed.

If you want to replace contract and employment relationship information, we recommend doing this manually. It is not possible to import a new contract to an existing employee.

4. Export: Make an export of the employees from Nmbrs®.

5. Download template: Use this button to download a template of the Excel spreadsheet to fill in your information.

Excel Spreadsheet


Fill in the 'Employees' tab. This is the only tab that will be imported, so the other tabs do not have to be filled in.

Please note: 

  • the employee number must contain no more than 10 digits;
  • the information after an empty row or column will not be copied over during the import or update (see the example below):



Select the file you want to upload and click 'Upload':




Click 'Import':



Info, Warnings & Errors


1. Info: Shows which information has been correctly imported.

2. Warnings: This information is not correct (invalid) and has therefore not been imported, but the other information about the employee has been imported.

3. Errors: This information is incorrect and has therefore not been imported.

4. Click 'Close'.

After the import

After the import, you can download the Excel spreadsheet that you have imported:




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