Importing wage components

Import / Export company level.

Please note: Updates and imports cannot be undone! Use the Sandbox for testing. The exception to this rule is a company level import of variable wage and hour components.

Please note: An update/import can only take place within the current period.

Please note: The import file may contain formulas or macros; only 'clean' text can be imported. In addition, the format must remain the same (no modifications in rows 1 and 2).

Please note:If you carry out an update, then all the data in the Excel sheet will be updated. That means we also overwrite the existing (correct) data. Hiding fields in the Excel file does not change this. If you want to make an update, you will only have to enter (retain) the data in Excel that you actually want to change.

The video below shows how to import wage components. In the remainder of the article the steps are also explained:


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1. Go to the company level.

2. Click Wage Components Fixed or Wage Components Variable in the Import / Export Company Level dashlet.

Choose Fixed wage components for importing wage components that have to appear on the payslip every month.

Choose Variable Wage Components for importing wage components that only have to be processed once on the payslip, such as a bonus, fine, lunch deduction or declaration of expenses.

Wage components


1. Make sure the Batch Operation is set to Wage Components Variable or Wage Components Fixed.

2. Click here to import. When you import an Excel sheet using this button, it imports new data.

3. Click here to export the wage components from Nmbrs®.

4. Click here to download a template to fill in your data.

Please note:

  • 0 (zero) is a value that is also imported and results in a new entry.
  • A formula (calculation) is imported as 0 (zero). Change it to digits.
  • The import file cannot contain formulas or macros; only "flat" text can be imported. In addition, the format must remain the same (no modifications in rows 1 and 2).
  • With variable wage components, you can only import. With fixed wage components, you can only update. More information about the difference between the import and the update functionality can be found on this page.
  • If a wage component has an end date, it's not possible to transfer the end date by leaving it blank in the Excel file.
  • It isn't possible to import or update fixed hours and days.
  • After an empty row or column, the data is no longer copied over with the import or update (see example below).

Excel spreadsheet

Fill in the tab Wage Components Var or Wage Components Fixed. This is the only one that will be imported, so you don't need to fill in the other tabs.

The wage codes that have to be entered in column H can be found in the Wage Components dashlet at employee level in Nmbrs®.

Please note: A deduction must always be entered as NEGATIVE.



Select the file you want to import and click Upload.



Click 'Import'.



When you've imported the data correctly, you'll receive a report.

Click 'Close'.


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