What is the difference between import and update within an excel sheet

If you want to import or update employee data by means of an import sheet, this can be done. But when do you use import and when do you use update?


If you import an Excel sheet using this button, new data that hasn't appeared in Nmbrs before will be imported. So you use import when you import new employees or a new record of accounts. The personnel numbers have to be different from the personnel numbers of the employees already in Nmbrs. You can't delete the imports.

Please note:

  • if you are going to import a new company, it's important to create the debtor/company in Nmbrs first so the number will be recognised from the import sheet.
  • You can only delete the variable wage components import file if it has been imported at company level. This will delete all changes, even in previous and future periods.
  • If you've used a formula, it won't be recognised by either the import or the update.


If a debtor, company or employee already exists, always use update.

If you import an Excel sheet using this button, it will update/replace the existing data. You won't be able to change or delete it after this. When you update the data, you only need to include the changes in the import sheet. Any information in the import sheet that doesn't need changing must be deleted (but you must always leave the blue headers filled in). Use the update when you want to modify multiple sets of data. You can, for example, use it to modify the salaries of several employees simultaneously. You only need to have the company number, personnel number and salary columns filled in.

Please note: when contract details are updated, no matter which field of the contract and/or employment agreement, a new contract is always created for the employee(s), with a fixed time. This is often not desirable, so we recommend making manual changes to contracts and employment agreements.

Collective Pay Rise (example)

If you want to apply a pay rise for all employees in a period, you can use the update.

Export the employees using import/export, then clear all the columns from the file except for the company number, the personnel number and the new salary.
The method for exporting data is described here: Exporting data.

After this modification you can enter the file as an update.

Try this first in the sandbox if possible, as you can never remove/undo an update.


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