Step 5 Go Live

In this step we will ensure that the application can go live. In the 'Go live' step, all payroll functionalities are prepared.

Deleting runs and Year transit

Do not carry out these steps when reconstruction has taken place! Continue with Workflow settings..

Deleting runs
To ensure that test runs do not affect later payroll processing in the new year we will delete the runs.

To delete runs, go to the detail page 'Payroll run' at company level. Delete runs by clicking on the cross after the last run. Click on the lock icon to remove the run-lock when the cross is not visible.

Year Transit
To execute a year end, the company has to go into the correct status. For this, we adjust the 'Start period' and 'Start period invoicing'.

Go to the company level and click on settings. Open the 'Company Settings' under the category 'Payroll Settings'. Ensure that the Active year is 'last/current year'. Choose the first period of the new year as 'Start period' and 'Start period invoicing'. Click 'Save'.

Now do the year transit. Here you will find an article with more detailed information about the year end.


Workflow settings

When the payroll processing can be executed as expected and required, the last step will be the automation and configuration of the process. Nmbrs® uses the workflow for this. In this article, you will find more information about the workflow and how to configure it. This is not essential for Nmbrs® going live but very handy for the future processing of runs.

Article about the Nmbrs® Workflow.


Ensure that all users have access at the time the application goes live. This may be the Financial Department but also the department manager. Read in the article below everything about giving users access. If you have questions about fine tuning Nmbrs® with regards to the internal processes, do not hesitate to contact Nmbrs® to arrive at the most practical solution.

Everything about users.



Ensure clear and timely communication within and outside the organisation. Prepare, where necessary, instructions for those who have been affected by the Nmbrs® implementation. Below is a list of points to consider.

- First-time login of employees
- First-time login of manager
- Transmission to financial administration or access to Nmbrs®
- Access for management
- (Process) integration to and from Nmbrs®
-Transmission of changes and periodic registrations

Inform existing and new users about the new system via a demo or by email.  

We have prepared standard emails for employees who log on to Nmbrs® for the first time. The texts of these alerts can be personalised to suit your needs:

You can also make use of short video clips which inform people about the possibilities of their environment.

Implementation process steps


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