Planning and Time Registration scenario

If you are a time registration/workforce management software, you are in the right place!

We call planning scenarios all the integrations related to planning and time registration software applications. In this scenario, Nmbrs is the system of record and the partners extract the employee data (see basic employee synchronization). All the (HR) mutations and changes are done in the Nmbrs software. Worked hours and wage components are sent to Nmbrs, to be ready for the payroll processing in Nmbrs.

Firstly, we recommend you to check out the overview of the Visma Nmbrs basics:

Data and data flow

Usually, there is a two-way flow between Nmbrs and the time registration integrations, in which the connected software retrieves employee data and sends hours data to Nmbrs. 

Nmbrs is the system of records for employee data, which means that all the information regarding employee salary, contracts and schedule is recorded and managed in Nmbrs and then synchronized to the planning software.

The hours are registered in the planning software and inserted in Nmbrs as hour components. 

1: Basic employee synchronization

2: Retrieve hour models and possibly wage models

3: Send worked hours and possible wage components to Nmbrs




  • employee.payment


The starting point for this scenario is the basic HR scenario. Additionally, the following endpoints are used:

  • Get company hour codes
  • Get company wage codes (not yet available)
  • Create variable hours
  • Create variable wagecomponent
  • Create variable worked days


These are the basic set of calls to connect planning software to Nmbrs. More calls can be used as needed, just check the API Reference.


Retrieve the hour components and wage components available for a company:

  • HourModel_GetHourCodes
  • HourModel2_GetHourCodes
  • WageModel_GetHourCodes
  • WageModel2_GetHourCodes

Send worked hours, days and wage components to Nmbrs:

  • HourcomponentVar_Insert
  • WageComponentVar_Insert
  • DaysVar_Set

Note: wage and hour components and days can be fixed or variable. Once a fixed component is inserted, it will be automatically inserted by the system every period until the given end period or if the component is deleted. Variable components will only appear once in a period. 

Time Registration for Nmbrs Sweden

The time registration modules in the Swedish Nmbrs product are slightly different than the scenario described above. For more information on this functionality in the Nmbrs application: Time registration.

For the Swedish scenario, we have different endpoints available in the SOAP API. These endpoints are found in the EmployeeService (search for 'TimeRegistration) and are labeled 'SE-only'. 


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