Absence scenario

Absence scenario is a scenario when you want to get or insert absence information for an employee. Users are free to register basic absence information or to work with absence XML. This article will provide you with general information about what you will have to take into account. 

When starting with this scenario we assume that Getting started API is known.

Debtor, company and employee

Before you are going to send the information you have to know the employees, companies and debtors. 

Basic Absence

When employee is sick you can register the sickness in Nmbrs. When employee gets (partially) better you register this action as well. For more information about absence see Verzuim (dutch only).

Every employee in Nmbrs has to have a schedule. The sickness days will be calculated according to the schedule of the employee. However, the schedule of an employee is not a part that should be taken into account for the integration, we think it is relevant to know.

There are three types of employees:

  1. Full time employee is an employee with the schedule the same as company schedule. 
  2. Part-time employee is an employee with a schedule less then company schedule. His schedule can not be zero. 
  3. Employees without a schedule. If an employee is working not on regular basis he has to have a schedule where all hours are zero. 

To get the company schedule see method from Company Service below:

For all schedule methods of an employee search for "Schedule" on Employee Service.

Absence XML

When registrating absence you have an option to create/send absence XML as well. Absence XML is a standard format that occupational health services, such as ArboNed, Zorg van de Zaak, UWV and others, use to process absence in their application. We work with XML standard SIVI 2006 (for now) and SIVI 2017.

You will have to set up occupational health service with type email or portal before the system will create an XML. For more information about how to set up see: Email or Portal (dutch only).
For Email only SIVI 2006 is available.
For Portal you can choose between SIVI 2006 or 2017. 
SIVI 2006: Sends employee data ánd absence messages.
SIVI 2017: Sends only absence messages, so only sick employees will be reported.

Eventually we will stop supporting SIVI 2006 and convert to SIVI 2017. Using the other API calls in Employee Service, it's possible to get general employee info/data.

After you create/insert an absence for an employee through interface or API, an absence XML will be created. 


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