Basic HR employee synchronization

This scenario is a starting point for many integrations. This basic employee data synchronization integration can save time and reduce errors by automating the process of updating employee data between the payroll system and the HR application. It ensures that both systems have accurate and up-to-date employee information, which is essential for effective HR management. In this scenario, Nmbrs is the system of record and data is synchronized from Nmbrs → Partner App. The employee data that is put in Nmbrs is considered to be correct, since the data is also shared with tax authorities.

When starting with this scenario, we assume that Getting started API is known.

Debtor, company and employee

First, you need to know the employees, companies and debtors. 

Data and data flow

Retrieving employee data:

  • Personal data
  • Function
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Address information

This scenario is a one-way integration (Nmbrs → Partner app). It is advised to implement a daily sync (during the night) and the possibility to trigger the sync manually.





  • Get company list
  • Get employee list
  • Get employees functions history
  • Get employees departments history
  • Get employees managers history
  • Get addresses history


Per employee

  • List_GetAll
  • List_GetByCompany
  • PersonalInfo_GetCurrent
  • Department_GetCurrent
  • Function_GetCurrent
  • Manager_GetCurrent
  • Address_GetCurrent

Aggregated per company

  • List_GetAll
  • List_GetByCompany
  • PersonalInfoWithoutBSN_Get_GetAllEmployeesByCompany
  • Function_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany_V2
  • Department_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
  • Manager_GetCurrent
  • Address_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany


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