Leave Calculation in Nmbrs

Each company is linked to at least one labour agreement and in this labour agreement a leave model is linked. The labour agreement of the company defines the basic behavior of the holiday feature. In Nmbrs there are two ways to calculate leave.

For more information about the two different ways of leave calculation please check these articles:

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Leave Settings model

In dashlet 'Leave Settings Model' on top level (and debtor level for accountant environments) you can edit the settings of an existing leave model or create a new leave model.
Go to tab 'Leave Settings Model' to create a new model. On tab 'Leave Settings' you specify how a leave model behaves.

Nmbrs support the same wage principle and the percentage rule for the leave calculation. Before picking on of the methods you have to create a new model on masterlevel or debtorlevel by clicking on 'new leave model'.


When you created the new leave model (and linked it to the right labour agreement), you can adjust the model according to the same wage principle or the percentage rule.



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