Unassigned mutation form - Manager login not activated

The mutation forms settings makes it possible to design the approval chain for when a employee submits a mutation form. In this article we will go through how to handle unassigned form requests when an assigned manager is within the approval chain but the manager login has not been activated yet or not activated in time (before the mutation form flow started).

Manager login

To make it possible for a manager to review an assigned form and to assign an unassigned form to themselves the manager needs to have an activated login. If the account remains inactive after the manager login has been created, the manager will not be able to participate in the mutation form chain.

Unassigned form request

In this exemple an employee has submitted a leave request, the employee has an assigned manager but the manager login has not been activated prior to when the request was sent. The approval chain in 'Mutation Forms Settings' is set up for 'Manager approval'. 

The form will be visible in the overview as 'Unassigned forms' and since the approval chain is pending for a manager review, it's only possible for a manager login to pick up the unassigned form. mceclip3.png

The request will be pending for reviewal but the 'Assigned to:' field is empty. mceclip1.png

The mutation forms model can not be changed at this stage, since there is an ongoing form waiting for manager approval. mceclip4.png


Assign form request

As soon as the managers login has been activated, it's possible for the manager to login and assign the request to themselves. The view below is from a managers perspective. mceclip6.png

  1. Use the filter 'Unassigned' to find the form
  2. Press 'Search' 
  3. The unassigned form will show up and the manager will be able to assign the form to themselves. 


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