Adding extra fields

Extra fields settings

1. Go to the company.

2. Click the Start tab.

3. Click More in the Extra fields settings dashlet.

Adding extra field

Click on Add Extra field.

Adding extra field

1. Add the name of the data you wish to record for the employee.

2. Specify the type of record. Text, a decimal, a closed (yes/no) question or a number.

3. Click on 'Save'.


You can, for instance, record whether the employee owns a car. This is a closed (yes/no) question.

1. You can also add several extra fields.

2. You can delete an extra field by clicking the red cross.

3. You can change an existing extra field by clicking on it.

4. You can move fields up and down with the arrows.

Extra fields at employee level

Go to the employee and click More in the Extra fields dashlet.


Click Change.

Change the data

1. Change the data.

2. Click Save.

The data has now been changed.