Adding insurances

In Visma Nmbrs you can maintain records of the employee insurances. These have to be added first on the Settings level. Accountants can also add these (only) at debtor level.


Adding Insurers for Accountants  

If you are an accountant, follow these steps to go to the Insurances dashlet:

1. Go to the 'Explorer' tab.

3. Click on External Contacts under the heading Provisions.


Adding Insurers at Settings level


Go to the Settings level and click on External Contacts under HR Settings.


Click on New Insurance


Entering Insurer data


Fill in the data of the Insurer here. If this is the first time you add this Insurer, enter 'None' under Template. After saving, the data will be automatically stored in the template under the name of the insurer. Click on 'Save'.


Employee level

Click on the employee for whom you wish to add an insurance in the Explorer tab. Then click on More in the Insurances dashlet.


Adding Insurance


Click on New Insurance. Then select the insurer that has been added as described above. Fill in the specific details for the employee and click on Save.












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