Creating company document viewer

With the company document viewer, you can give users access to the payroll documents and the payroll tax returns. You can also choose to let the users send the payroll tax returns themselves. On this page, you can read how to create a company document viewer. Do you want to adjust the template or permission of a user? Then go to the information about creating the company document viewer template.

Creating a company document viewer for accountants


You can create a new company document viewer in the 'Explorer' tab at debtor level. This is done under 'Client login'.

Company document viewer for clients


If you do not have access to the debtor level, go to the 'Settings' tab. Here you can create the company document viewer under 'Client login'.

New account


To create the user, click on the 'New account' button on the top left.

Adding a user


Here you can enter the details of the user. You also select a template here. For this, you can select the 'Template user document viewer' here. You can also create an own template for the document viewer, of course. 

Filters and transmission


At the user, you have to perform two actions:

1. Add a company filter.

2. Send an email to activate the user.

Company filter


With the company filter you can opt to display all companies under a debtor or to display only a number of companies.


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