Template: Accountant viewer

Within Visma Nmbrs you can use several templates; the article below describes what the available dashlets and permissions are for the Accountant viewer template.

Each available dashlet specifies the maximum permissions of a dashlet:
Read: The accountant can view the content of the dashlets.
Write: The accountant can modify the content of the dashlets.

When you set the permissions for the reports to read, it means that the client cannot download the report. The buttons 'download PDF / Excel' are missing in this case. When you want to enable your clients to download reports, you set the permission to 'Write'.

Please note: 
A dashlet with maximum permission of 'Write' can be adjusted to 'Read' or 'None'.
A dashlet with maximum permission of 'Read' can be changed to 'None' but not to 'Write'.

A missing dashlet cannot be added.

More information about changing a template according to the client's requirements can be found in this article.

Explorer: Company Read Write
Company action items x  
File management x  
Contact person x  
Company documents x  
HR Documents   x
Company information x  
Journals Entries Export x  
Wage tax declaration x  
Wage tax declaration registration number x  
Payroll run x  
Employee addresses x  
Approve mutation forms x  
Mutationform settings x  
Submit mutationforms x  
Company comments x  
Pension Export x  
Travel expenses scheme x  
Overview contracts x  
Overview cost centres x  
Overview departments x  
Overview gender x  
Reservations x  
Salary documents   x
Birthdays x  
Absence overview   x
Debtor: Read Write
Accountant contact person x  
Contact person x  
Debtor info x  
Employee:  Read Write
Branche rules x  
Employment contract x  
Employee documents x  
Additional Hours/Days x  
Family x  
Cost centre x  
Labour Agreement Model x  
Company car x  
Attachment of earnings x  
Wagecomponents x  
Wagecomponents per Period x  
Wagecomponents per Run x  
Payroll taxes x  
Payslips per period x  
Payslips per run x  
Employee comments x  
Pension settings x  
Personal details x  
Wagecomponents reports x  
Travel allowance x  
Reservations x  
Schedule x  
Salary x  
Leave x  
Absence x  
Other: Wizards: Read Write
Tabs: Start Read Write
Approve mutationforms x  
Run Control x  
Explorer: Read Write
Overviews: Read Write
Accountant - Wage components per period (new)   x
Accountant - Run Counter x  
Accountant - Absence Overviews   x
Accountant - Absence XML Notifications x  
Companies - Adjusted Reports   x
Companies - Company Contact Person (New)   x
Companies - Company Payroll Tax Settings (New)   x
Companies - Company contact details   x
Companies - Company Payroll settings (New)   x
Companies - Company Social Security Tax settings (New)   x
Companies - Company Workflow settings (New)   x
Companies - Company Locations   x
Debtors - Adjusted Reports   x
Debtors - Debtor Contact Details   x
Debtors - Debtor HR Signals Template   x
Debtors - Debtor Service Level   x
Debtors - Debtor Service Level   x
Debtors - Debtor Tags   x
Debtors - Debtor Locations   x
Employees - Adjusted Reports   x
Employees - Employee Employment Contract (New)   x
Employees - Employee Payroll Tax settings (New)   x
Employees - Employee Contact Details (New)   x
Employees - Employee Social Security Tax Settings (New)   x
Employees - Employee Hours & Salary (New)   x
Employees - Employee Absence (New)   x



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