IP Address Validation

IP validation is set up for all Visma Nmbrs users. This means that if you log into Visma Nmbrs from a new location, this location (in other words, this IP address) first has to be approved. This validation cannot be disabled!

When you log in from a new location, you will receive the following notification "Unauthorized IP address, an email has been sent to you." and an email will be sent with which you can approve the new location. Make sure to check your junk mail inbox.

It is only possible to grant users access to Visma Nmbrs from a defined IP address. Read here for more information. 

In order to see which IP addresses are approved for an account, proceed as follows:

  1. At the account, click on the block under 'IP Adr'; the 'validate IP addresses' pop-up appears.
  2. This pop-up shows all IP addresses from where this account has been logged in. An activated IP address means an approved address (location). A non-activated IP address is not (yet) approved, which means that there has not been a login from this address.


Please note: You may receive an email 'Login from an unknown location (IP address)' because someone else has attempted to log in with your account. In that case, we recommend that you change your password.


Changing / Dynamic IP addresses:

It may happen that the environment from where the application is logged in uses changing or dynamic IP addresses. If this is the case, a new IP address is used each time. For this reason, an email will be sent with a request to confirm the IP address when there is a login. To prevent this, we recommend linking one IP address to the Visma Nmbrs application. This will ensure that the same IP address is always used to login.



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