HR synchronization scenario

HR synchronization scenario is a scenario when you want to keep track or change employee information. Be aware that information that you see as HR could be as broad as possible and affect the payment or the payslip of an employee. This article will provide you with general information about what you will have to take into account. 

When starting with this scenario we assume that Getting started API is known.

Debtor, company and employee

First you need to know the employees, companies and debtors. 

Employee information

If you want easily keep track of changes in employee information we have several GetAll methods that can be used. This applies to information below:

  • Address
  • Contract
  • Department
  • Employment
  • Function
  • Personal information
  • SVW
  • Salary
  • Schedule

See how do I check for mutations for specific methods. 

For all other information of which you want to keep track, you will have to do a request for each employee. 


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