Visma Nmbrs ISAE 3402 type II report

The ISAE 3402 type II reports are, according to NOREA (professional association for IT-auditors in the Netherlands) guidelines, intended exclusively for customers who have used Visma Nmbrs's Online Software Services to support HR and payroll administration; and their auditors, who have sufficient knowledge to consider this, along with other information, including information about by customers themselves audits when estimating the risks of material misstatements in customers' financial statements.
If you need this report for your own internal audit, or the audit of your customer (s), you can request this, if you already have a signed NDA with Visma Nmbrs, by sending a mail to If you do not yet have a signed NDA, you can download the NDA about the use and distribution of the report
via this link.
De Engelse NDA kun je downloaden via this link.
Please send a signed copy together with the request to
It is of course also possible to view the ISAE 3402 Type II report at Visma Nmbrs in the office. For this you can contact the Compliance & Risk department of Visma Nmbrs, via
Without using an NDA it is possible to request the information below per year.


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