Configuring a customised Payroll Workflow at company level

Whenever you want to apply payroll workflow settings to a company that are different from the standard settings, you can do this on the company level for that company.

Please note: The payroll workflow settings must be filled in with the desired actions or else these actions cannot be carried out.

Payroll Workflow settings dashlet


1. Go to the company.

2. Go to the 'Start' tab.

3. Click on 'More...' in the 'Payroll Workflow settings' dashlet.

Payroll Workflow settings for the company


1. You can click 'Edit' whenever you want to select a different defined payroll workflow. You can also use one of our standard payroll workflows.

2. Select a setting you wish to switch off or change. It is not possible to add actions here that are not included in the standard payroll workflow settings. However, you can adjust the standard settings, such as automatic execution and execution after a certain number of days.

3. Under 'Automatic Execution' there are four different options: after start of period, after run request, after previous action and after run lock. The first action of a track (Run action track, starting with processing payroll run, or Wage tax declaration action track, starting with creating a Wage tax declaration) is always executed after a run request (for a payroll run) or after a run lock (for Wage tax declarations). If you choose 'After start of period', you can also select a fixed date. The actions that come after that in a track will be executed after the specified number of days has passed since the previous action.

It is also possible here to specify who should receive the signals related to the payroll workflow actions.
In this article you can see who the contact persons are and where you can set them: Contact persons for signals.

Reset and generate settings


To the right of the Payroll Workflow settings on the company level, there are two buttons.

1. Click 'Reset' to restore all the settings you have changed back to the selected standard or self-made settings.

2. Click 'Generate settings' to let Nmbrs® automatically fill in the settings. Generating the payroll workflow settings entails taking another look at which tasks have been performed. Nmbrs does this based on previous settings. For example, if you have not input any pension settings for the company, Nmbrs removes the 'Pension export' workflow track.


Payroll Workflow for the Payroll run


Go to 'Payroll processing' on the company level to view, check and execute the payroll workflow actions.

Different options:

1. Click on 'More...' to go to the 'Details' page for the Payroll run and the Wage tax declaration, respectively.

2. Whenever a box is coloured green, this means the action has been executed. Click on the green box to see the details.

3. Whenever a box is coloured yellow, it means that not all actions have been executed yet. Click on the yellow box to execute the actions that still need to be carried out. The colour yellow indicates that a payroll workflow track contains green as well as white boxes.

4. Whenever a space is coloured white, it means that the action has not yet been executed. Click on the white space to execute the action.

5. Whenever you see this icon, it means that this action is being executed automatically.

Hide Actions


1. To make the payroll workflow easier to read, you may wish to collapse the list of actions; then you will only see the headlines of the tracks and not all the actions. To do this, click the triangle. By clicking the triangle again, you will expand the list to show all the individual actions again.

2. A new action is planned for each action that you execute. In the settings, you have chosen whether this action must be carried out automatically or manually. Beside actions that still need to be executed, you will see a clock symbol: this will be green if the action is set to 'automatic', or orange if the action is set to 'manual'.

Payroll Workflow Task List and Run Request


In the 'Payroll Workflow Task List' and 'Run Request' dashlets, you will see an overview of upcoming actions. You can click on the actions to execute them.

These lists display automatic as well as manual actions.

Payroll Workflow overview


1. On the start page of the company level, you will find the 'Payroll Workflow Overview' dashboard. This is an overview of the payroll workflows from the past three periods along with the status of each.

2. If you wish, you can check inside the 'Sent Alerts' dashboard to see whether all alerts that belong to the payroll workflow have been sent correctly and to the right address.


Please note: Whenever the payroll workflow settings throughout the period are adjusted for tasks that are already planned, then these changes will not take effect until the next period when actions are already scheduled. This is because the scheduled actions in question are based on the 'old settings'.


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