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Definition of colours in the workflow

In the workflow at the Master level and Company level, you have an overview of all workflow tasks, and you can see the status of the tasks for each period. Each colour in the workflow has a separate meaning. In this article, the colours are explained.


In the image above, various workflow tasks can be seen, which can be divided into three different categories:

1.Period tasks: Here you can see what the status of the period is, indicated for each period. The colours have various meanings:

  • Red = There is a task in the period that contains an error message. See the lower section of this article for more information about red tasks.
  • Yellow = The period has started; there are already completed tasks, but at least one task in the period is not completed yet.  
  • Blue = The period is being processed; no tasks have yet been carried out within the period, but it is the company's 'current' period.  
  • White = This is an upcoming period; no tasks are being carried out yet within this period.

2. Tracks: Here you can see the status of a given track, such as the 'Payroll run' track and 'Wage tax declaration' track; the colours have various meanings::

  • Red = There is a task within the track that contains an error message. See the lower section of this article for more information about red tasks. In the image above, this is the case for the 'Wage tax declaration' track.
  • Yellow = The track has started, but there are tasks that are not completed yet.
  • Green = All tasks within the track are complete.

3. Workflow tasks: Within each track there are different tasks, such as 'Review salary output'. The colours have different meanings. For more information about the status, you can go to the relevant dashlet, e.g. 'Wage tax declaraton':

  • Grey (not shown in this image) = The task has not yet been completed in this period, and it is not possible for the user to perform this task manually.
  • White = The task has not yet been competed in this period, and it is possible for the user to perform this task manually.
  • Green = The task has been concluded successfully. For Wage tax declarations, this may mean that it is marked as sent or that it has been received.  
  • Red = The task is complete, but there is an error message. See the section below for further clarification.
  • Yellow (dark, not pictured in this example) = The task has been concluded, but there is a warning in the run.
  • Light blue = The task is being performed, but is not yet complete.  


Clocks in the workflow

  • Yellow = The task is the next task that must be carried out (according to the workflow settings), but it is a manual task.
  • Green = The task is scheduled to be carried out automatically and is the next task that will be carried out; by hovering over the task with your mouse you will see when it is carried out.


Red tasks in the workflow

A task may appear as red in the workflow. This means that the task contains an error message.  

Example: If an error has occurred via the automatic workflow when sending the journal entry to the accounting system, the field for 'Send journal export' will be coloured red.


If the error message relevant to the journal export is resolved (for example, manually downloaded outside the system and then read into the bookkeeping system), the workflow settings must be generated. Generating the workflow settings entails taking another look at which tasks have been performed. If a task in the workflow is displayed incorrectly although it was properly performed, the generating process will mark this task green as well. You can find this button at the Company level under 'Workflow settings':


If the red notification is seen for the remaining tasks, it means that the error message must first be resolved. After that, the task can be performed again manually (such as executing the run or creating/sending the Wage tax declaration).

Previous year:
If the red notifications are visible in a previous year, the active year must first be changed in the Company settings to the year in which the red notifications are visible. After that, the Workflow settings can be generated again.


Workflow task list

Both the Company level and the Workflow tab provide the option of expanding/collapsing the task list. This can be done by clicking on the little triangle. In both cases, you can perform overview tasks directly from this workflow.

Company level


Put your mouse on the square to the right of the track to view which task must be performed.

Click on the triangle if you want to expand or minimise the list.

Workflow tab

On the Workflow tab, you can perform tasks directly without expanding the list. You must first select a workflow activity to do this. (1)

Then click on Refresh (2) and here you can see which task you must perform (and you can perform this directly) by clicking on the task. (3)

Click on the triangle to expand the task list. (4) You will then see the entire task list and which task must be performed:



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