Assigning Payroll Workflow tasks to users

You can link all actions in a company's payroll workflow to a user template. To do this, assign the tasks on the company level or the 'Settings' tab to a template. In the 'My Payroll Workflow Tasks' dashboard on the start page, you will only see the actions that are assigned to you. That means you will not see any actions in your task list that you do not have to carry out.

The filter has no influence on permissions. You can still carry out all actions in the payroll workflow, including actions that are not assigned to you.

Payroll Workflow settings


On the 'Settings' tab or via the 'Payroll Workflow Settings' dashboard on the company level, you can link template users with actions. Click here to link a template user.


Select the user template(s) that must carry out this action. If you have created your own templates, you will also see these on the list.


After saving, you must reset the payroll workflow to activate the new settings.


Icons appear in the payroll workflow once you have linked users.
- A dark-grey/black icon means that the action is assigned to you.
- A light-grey icon means that the action is not assigned to you.



My Payroll Workflow Tasks

On the 'Start' tab, you will find the 'My Payroll Workflow Tasks' dashboard. This task list shows only tasks that are assigned to you.


You can carry out the workflow task directly from this dashboard or you can click on 'More' to see all tasks. You can then also carry out the task from this page:




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