Adjusting the salary halfway through the period

If you want to adjust the hourly wage of an hourly employee halfway through the period, it cannot be done the same way as with an employee with a fixed schedule. In this case, you only need to use hourly wage 1 or 2in that period. See this article for more information on this.

Reason: For hourly employees, there is of course no schedule that can be used to calculate a certain salary on a certain date. All hours are accounted for in H2100, for example, and do not have any dates linked to these hours.

Example: Someone gets a raise as of 6 Feb. 2015. This employee is an hourly employee and has worked the following days in February: Week 6 - 24 hours (Mo 8 / Tu 8 / Fr 8). The system does not know know that he worked Monday, Tuesday and Friday, so you have to enter the following for February:

* HH2100 (16 hours) for normal hourly wage = € 4.48

* UH2101 (8 hours) for gross hourly wage 1 = € 6.00

See below:

As of March, you can use HC2100 again by entering the hourly wage of € 6.00 at Gross hourly wage (top block in the Salary dashboard).

From hourly wage to full-time salary

Whenever an employee goes from hourly wages to full-time salary during the period, you must still process this on hourly wage/extra hours days in the period when the raise starts.

You can put the schedule/full-time salary in Nmbrs as of the first of the following month.
Should the employee earn a higher wage, you can work with the gross hourly wage 1, as described above.

See this article for more information on this.


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