Bulk change for manager

Within Nmbrs it is possible to assign all employees linked to a manager to another active manager at once via the wizard 'Bulk change manager'. The mutation forms that are with the current manager for approval are also converted to the newly elected manager.

For accounting environments, this wizard is available at the debtor level.
For business environments, this wizard is available at master level.

Note! If you want to remove a manager login, but do not yet want to assign all linked employees directly to specific managers, you can create a temporary manager. You can then assign the employees to this manager. The following article explains how to create a manager Creating managers


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Steps in the wizard



Activate wizard in template

Change the permissions in the relevant template to 'Write'

Go to template users at the highest level and select the icon under 'Dashboard' for the relevant template.




Navigate in the dropdown menu to the option 'Wizards' and change the permissions for the 'Bulk change manager'. This will activate the wizard.


Open Wizard

Open the 'Bulk change manager' wizard

  1. Choose 'Actions'
  2. Choose in the menu for 'Bulk change manager'


For accounting environments, this wizard is available at the debtor level.
For business environments, this wizard is available at master level.


Step 1: Select Employees

Click in the fields shown for the desired filtering and then choose 'Show overview'.


After choosing 'Show overview'

  1. Select all or specific employees using the checkbox.
  2. Choose 'Next                                                                                                                                                     mceclip4.png


Step 2: Select Manager


Manager without user account:

When a manager is chosen without a manager login, and employees have been selected where mutation forms are open for approval to the current manager, it is not possible to make the change for these employees. The open forms cannot be assigned to a manager without a login. A warning will therefore be displayed when a manager without a login is selected.



Step 3: Actions

Choose 'Execute' to apply the change to the selected employees.




Step 4: Results

When the implementation of the change was successful for an employee, a green icon will be displayed.


Error in results:

If the change was not successful for some employees, a red icon is shown.

Why was the change unsuccessful?
When mutation forms are open with employees, which are waiting for approval from a manager, it is important that a manager is selected who has a user account. When the employees are assigned to a manager without a user account, the forms cannot be transferred to this manager. For this reason, the manager change for these employees will not be implemented.

Start new bulk change or exit wizard

When the changes have been made, there are two options available within the wizard

  1. Start a new bulk change
  2. Close the wizard and return to the start screen




  • I cannot delete the manager login after converting all associated employees. How is this possible?
    When a manager is still linked to one or more departments, the login cannot be removed. At the manager login you can check to which departments the manager is still linked by clicking on the 'i' icon.
  • Can I assign a manager via the wizard when no manager has yet been set up for an employee?
    Via the wizard it is only possible to change the manager if a manager has already been assigned to the employee. To quickly assign managers to employees when no manager has been set up yet, you can choose to do this via an import. The following article provides more information about this Imployees-import


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