Creating managers

For each debtor, you can specify who the managers are. These managers can then be applied to each employee as an employee manager or department manager.

For more information about the departments, click here.

Creating a Manager for Business environments

Clients with a business environment do not have a debtor level. In that case, you can create the managers on the highest level. To do this, go to 'Settings' -> 'HRM Settings' -> 'Managers'.


Creating a Manager for Accountant environments

Clients that have an accountant environment can reach the 'Managers' dashboard via the debtor level. Select a debtor and then go via 'Settings' to 'Managers' under 'Information'.


Click on 'Add Manager' and input the manager's details.


The 'Employee' option is not mandatory. If the manager is not employed by the company, you can leave this blank. If the manager is employed, you can select this here and the details will be automatically filled in.

Click 'Save'. The manager can now be selected in the 'Employment Relationship' dashboard for the employee or be added as a department manager. For more information about adding managers to a department, click here.





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