Creating departments

Departments are one aspect of HR. You can give a manager (login) access to employees of a department. A department can be linked to employees who work for different companies under the one debtor.

If, for instance, there is a Support department and you link this to employee 1 under Company A and to employee 2 under Company B (both companies under the same debtor), they then belong to the same department. In this case a manager who has access to this department also has access to both employees.


Creating Departments (Business)

The video below shows how to create departments. In the remainder of the article the steps are also explained:

 For a textual description, follow the steps below. 


1. Go to the Settings tab.

2. Click on Departments under the heading HR Settings.

Creating Departments (Accountant)


If you want to create a department at debtor level, proceed as follows to go to the Departments dashlet:

1. Click on the Explorer tab.

2. Go to debtor level.

3. Click on Departments under the heading HR Settings.

Creating department and adding manager to department

1. Click on 'Add New department'.


2. Enter a number and name for the department:


After creating a department, you can link a manager to it, if required. This manager will then see all employees who belong to this department.

3.Click on the Managers tab and select the department to which you want to add the manager in the drop-down menu.
4. Click on 'Add Manager to department', select the manager and click Save.



Adding employee to department


1. In the Explorer tab, click on the employee to whom you want to add a department.
2. Click More... in the Employment dashlet.


3. Click Edit.

4. Select the department to which you want to link the employee.


Adding department at employee level

If you have not yet added a department at debtor level (via the Settings tab), you can also add a department at employee level by clicking on 'Add New Department' under the Department heading.




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