Create a CSR request

At company level, select "More" at the "Employer declaration" module. Then select "CSR Question" and press "Download".

After downloading the CSR file, upload it on the Swedish Tax Agency's website. Once you have returned the file from the Swedish Tax Agency, upload it in Nmbrs under "CSR Answer"

Common errors;

  • Personal identification number is given in 10 numbers in Nmbrs and the Tax Agency accepts only YYYYMMDDXXXX format. (Will be updated in Nmbrs to have 12 digits by default)
  • Contact information is missing. Fill in under "General": "Contact" as well as "Org. Number". Name, telephone number and email for the contact person at the company must be filled in.
  • Sender Organization Number: Here you enter the sender's organization number; accountant or company
  • Company address missing. Please enter the full address of the company at company level> General> Company Information> Address> New Address


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