Temporarily Reduced Employer Contributions

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Turn on settings Employee Level

To turn on the setting 'Temporarily Reduced Employer Contributions' for an employee then you go to employee level and open the module 'Wage Tax Settings'.


Press on the alternative so the pop-up shows. The period you are in is the Start Period for the setting.
If you choose 'Yes' for 'Temporarily Reduced Employer Contributions' then the End Period shows.

The End Period is the last period that the setting will be applied on the employee.

Note that it's not possible to combine R&D or Regional with the setting.




On the interactive payslip you can see the two new wage codes. L8758 is the lowered Employer Contributions at 10,21% for a salary up to 25 000 SEK, the rest of the salary is calculated with 31,42% on L8759.



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