Time registration through the app

How do I manage time registration in Nmbrs mobile app?

  •      Install the latest version of the mobile app on your mobile device.
  •      Log in to Nmbrs mobile app
  1.     Select your language
  2.     Enter your company's domain, eg: example.nmbrs.se
  3.     Enter the email address you have linked to your user account in Nmbrs
  4.     Enter the password you have chosen for your user account in Nmbrs
  •      You can report hours and submit this for approval via the app. At the end of each month, you submit your hours for approval to the responsible person. After you create and approve your time registration, you will not be able to change this. This is only possible by deleting existing hours and creating new ones, which is only possible if this period is not definite yet.

Create a new time registration

First, make sure you have the latest version available on your mobile. Then log in to your business domain. Once you have the correct version downloaded and logged in to your domain, you are ready to use the time registration feature via your app.

To perform a time registration;

  •      Click on the menu to open the time registration options. Here you will find information about open, sent, processed and canceled registrations. You can swap a period by swipe right or left.
  •      To create a new registration, click on "New Time Registration" or "+" in the top right corner.
  •      Then select the type of time registration you want to do by selecting "Days" or "Hours" and then fill in the information fields. Note that you have access to the same hour and wage codes available in your mobile version as in the web application.
  •      Complete your time registration by pressing "Send" and "Yes" in the confirmation box.

Delete a time registration

You can always delete the commencement of time registration as long as it has not been approved.

  •   IOS – Drag the time registration you want to remove to the left and the "Delete" option will be visible.
  •   Android – Press the current timing for at least two seconds and the "Delete" option will be visible at the top.

How does the mobile application interact with the web version?

You are able to make time registration through the application in your mobile phone anytime and this will be registered immediately in the web version. You can then easily follow your registrations and see its status directly in your mobile application.

How do I use the tags for "Days" and "Hours" and what do I need to think about?

  •   First, you need to choose if you want to make a time registration for days or hours
  •   In the menu, select the code that describes the type of time registration you want to report
  •   When reporting hours, you must first select a start date and then a start and end time
  •   When reporting days, select start date and end date
  •   For both options, you have the option to attach a comment to describe your time registration
  •   When you select a code, you save your time registration and it is then registered to the current period

Who can approve my time registration?

This is because of the attribute chain that is set in your domain. For example; If an employee has an assigned manager then this manager will handle the time registration first. It will then be sent to the next step in the attestation chain until it reaches the last step. After it has been approved in the last step of the attestation chain, the time registration will get the status "Approved".

If a manager makes a time registration for an employee via the web application, the registration will automatically be approved by the manager and be visible to the employee in the mobile application. In this case, the employees do not have to make their own time registration.



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