Time registration

Employee - Time registration

In Nmbrs, you as an employee can easily report time and create deviations. Follow the steps below and watch videos.

1. Log in as employee in Nmbrs. Click on "Time Registration".

2. Hold down the mouse button and drag over the days you want to highlight. In the case below, the dates 8-12 August are marked.

3. In the box that appears, check that the information is correct. Under "Type" you can choose which deviation you want to report. In the "Description" field, you can add additional info. Click "Save" when everything is correct.

4. If you are in the schedule, you can now press the green "Send Reporting" button in the top left corner.

5. Attach any attachment, then press "Next".

6. Add comment if you wish, then click "Submit" to send a request to your manager or salary administrator (depending on who registers and approves absenteeism on your company).

7. Your manager or salary administrator will now receive a notification of the requested mutation. You as an employee will receive an email notification when your request for settlement has been processed.

Manager - Time registration

As a manager, it is your task to approve your employees' time registration. As employees report deviations, such as changes in their schedule. Other examples to approve will be vacation, overtime, absence and leave of absence.

You can easily approve any deviations for an employee at one and the same time.

  1. Open the Mutation Forms assigned to you.
  2. Click one of the Mutation forms, check the mutations and click "Accept."
  3. Finished! Proceed to the next employee..

Accountant - Time registration 

Text on time registration accountant coming soon ...

Time registration codes 

The codes you use when registering time generates output when performing a run

What is an hour code?

  • Codes where the amount of hours (or equivalent) can be filled in
  • Due to the hourly wage, the actual salary is calculated on the payslip

What is a wage code?

  • You specify which wage codes to use in the wage model
  • You can manually add wage codes in the wage code dashboard
  • Calculates the values, for example bonus € 100,-

Below you can see what the different time registration codes give the output to.

Time registration codes     Description    Type of input
1000 Worked hours Hours
1004 Sick Days
1008 Leave Hours
1009 Leave Days
1010 Parental leave Hours
1011 Parental leave Days
1012 Care of children Hours
1015 Holiday Days





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