GetToken vs. GetToken2


This call asks the user directly for it's username and password to be used on the SSO. 

    <GetToken xmlns="">

We only recommend to use it for Employee login (assuming that he only has one email registered in Nmbrs).


In the case of an username is used in multiple Nmbrs environments, the call will not work. The call GetTokenWithDomain will work since it's mandatory to specify the domain the call is made to.

For example, if I am an accountant that has accounts in multiple environments in Nmbrs, then, the call will not be able to identify on which environment the user wants to SSO, therefore, it will return 9999: Unknown. The username and password are not unique identifiers.


As an alternative, the call GetToken2 can be used. 

    <GetToken2 xmlns="">

With it, you pass in the username and token. The token is unique and retrieved within a specific environment.  Therefore, the system can identify in which environment the user wants to SSO. 



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