SoapUI (do your first call)

SoapUI is a tool to execute and test API calls, but is also a good start when you're not familiar with API. We strongly advice to first read about the API , before doing your first API call.

In order to make the calls with SoapUI you will first need to download and install the application from the following website: 

In the example below we will demonstrate a company call to get all the companies from one debtor. The call used for this is: List_GetAll

To execute the call you first need to follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Retrieve WSDL from the Nmbrs API
  2. How to connect
  3. Execute the call

Retrieve the WSDL from the Nmbrs API

You can get the WSDL through and then go to CompanyService,

When you click on Service Description you get the WSDL, this is the URL from the link:


  • Open SOAPUI go to file and click on "New SOAP Project".
  • Fill in the WSDL url in "Initial WSDL".
  • click on "OK.


How to connect

To use our API you need an email address and the API token. To get an API token you need to have an user account within a Nmbrs environment.  This means that the same filters applied in the UI (User Interface) are valid in the API. You can start the connection with an email address and a token from an existing user account or an account can be created for you.

The Level on which user account is created determines the access to API service. Questions below will help you to decide which user account you will need to integrate:

  • Do you want to integrate with one or more Nmbrs environments? 
  • Do you want to integrate with all debtors within an Nmbrs environment? 
  • Do you want to integrate with all companies from a debtor within Nmbrs environment?
  • Which user should I create for an integration?

Be aware that with our API v3 it is also necessary to connect with the users' domain. Read more on how to extract the domain and additional information here

Execute your first API call (CompanyService)

Since you loaded the WDSL and have an API token you now have the possibility to make an API call. To do so open the Companyservice map. And look for the call List_getAll. Hit the "+" button and double click "Request 1". You should now see the following screen:


 Replace the question marks with you username (email), token and domain. So the call wil look like this:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:com="">

 If this data is filed in, press the green "play button" just below "Request 1" to execute the call. After doing this you will get a result that looks like this:





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