Create an employee for payroll

To create an employee that can be processed in payroll there is basic information required. There is also additional information that is visible on the payslip of an employee but is not required. In this article we will first explain the basic creation of an employee. The second part will clarify the additional information.

When starting with this scenario we assume that API Overview and Getting started API is known.

Part 1: Required information for an employee for payroll

Information below is the minimal that is required so that employee can be processed in a run. 

Create an employee 

There are two ways to create an employee. Use method Employee_Insert or Employee_InsertBasedOnDefault.

1. When you use Employee_Insert you will have to set SVW an wage tax settings as well. 

For enumeration of wage tax and SVW see Wagetax-enumerations and SVW.

2. When you use method Employee_InsertBasedOnDefault, settings, such as SVW and wage tax, will be automatically set according to default employee template. For more information see What is Default Employee Template?

In both methods (Employee_Insert and Employee_InsertBasedOnDefault) you use an StartDate. This date will be the start date of the service interval of an employee in Nmbrs and not the initial start date of the employee in the company.

You also have to use a company ID, to get company ID see How to get CompanyId?

After you inserted an employee you will get the ID of that employee. The number of employee is sequent starting from 1. If you don't save the EmployeeId you can use API methods to get the EmployeeId. For more information see How to get EmployeeId?

Personal Information

After you have inserted employee you will have to update his personal information. To update personal information see methods below:

The first thee fields: <emp:Id>?</emp:Id>, <emp:Number>?</emp:Number> and emp:DisplayName>?</emp:DisplayName> are optional, you might ignore them.

For enumeration of personal information see Personal-Info and and ISO codes Country and Nationality.


To insert an address for an employee see methods below:

For enumeration of address see Employee-Address.

Bank account (optional)

To insert a bank account use method below:


To insert a contract see methods below:

For enumeration of contract see Employee-Contract.


To insert a salary see methods below:

For enumeration of salary see Salary


Every employee in Nmbrs has to have a schedule. According to the schedule the salary will be calculated. There are three types of employees:

1. Full time employee is an employee with the schedule the same as company schedule. 

2. Part-time employee is an employee with a schedule less then company schedule. His schedule can not be zero. 

3. Employees without a schedule. If an employee is working not on regular basis he has to have a schedule where all hours are zero. 

To get the company schedule see method from Company Service below:

To update a schedule for an employee see method below:

Service interval

In this article we already describe that when you create an employee the start date will determine the service interval. An employee can have only 1 active service interval. If you want to make changes to the service in interval see methods below:

Part 2: Additional information

Additional information is not required to process an employee in a run. However, this information might be applied to an employee an therefore will be visible on the payslip. 

Cost Center and Cost Unit

Cost centers and cost units are set up on company level and are being used to specify the company costs. Cost centers and units can be added to an employee but also to wage and hour components. How the cost centers and units are being used depends on each user.

Eventually, after the run is processed, journals are calculated with specification of company costs. For more information see Kostenplaatsen en kostendrager instellen of verwijderen (dutch only). 

  • For company cost center and cost unit methods search for "Cost" on Company Service.
  • For employee cost center methods search for "CostCenter" on Employee Service.


Departments are set up on debtor level and can be added to an employee. 

  • For debtor department methods search for "Department" on Debtor Service.
  • For employee department methods search for "Department" on Employee Service.


Functions are set up on debtor level and can be added to an employee. 


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