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Within Visma Nmbrs you can use different templates; the article below specifies the available dashlets and permissions. Each available dashlet specifies the maximum permissions of a dashlet:
Read: The client can view the contents of the dashlets.
Write: The client can change the contents of the dashlets.

When you set the permission of the reports to 'Read', it means that the client cannot download the report. The buttons 'download PDF / Excel' are missing in this case. When you want to enable your clients to download reports, you set the permission to 'Write'.

Please note: 
A dashlet with maximum permission of 'Write' can be adjusted to 'Read' or 'None'.
A dashlet with maximum permission of 'Read' can be changed to 'None' but not to 'Write'.

A missing dashlet cannot be added.

More information about changing a template according to the client's requirements can be found in this article

TABS: Start Read Write
HR Documents x  
Wage tax declaration viewer   x
Submitting mutationforms   x
Salary document viewer   x
Journals export x  


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