Create your own template

As accountant you can create your own users template for clients. With this users template you can specify exactly what levels and dashlets the client can see or edit. It is possible to create multiple templates for multiple users. The video below shows where the users template can be modified and created, and later in this article this is further explained:


Users template on the Settings tab


As accountant you can create a users template via the 'Settings' tab, but also at the debtor level. When you create a business template you can create a users template only via the 'Settings' tab. If you create the user template on the Settings tab, this template will be visible for all debtors. If you create the user template at the debtor level, these templates will be visible only to the debtor in question.

The feature works in the same way on both levels.

The advantage of setting up the users template on the Settings tab is that when you create a new user in one of the existing accounting systems, you can assign this template. If you want to give multiple clients similar user permissions, it is advisable to create the templates on the Settings tab.

Users template (for accountants)

It is also possible to create a users template at the debtor level. This template is then visible for use only by this debtor. Other debtors have no permission for this.

If the client has specific requirements, it is advisable to create the user template at the debtor level.


Adding user template

1. Enter a name for the template.

2. Select type Master Company Login (client login), Master Manager (manager login) or Master Employee (employee login).

3. You copy the settings of this standard template to this new template.

4. Select Base template.

We're using a Client login in this example. Creating a template for a manager or employee works in a similar way.


Click on the dashboard icon to edit the dashboard.

First make the Tabs visible

1. Click at the top left to select a level.

2. Please make sure the Tabs have been made visible first.. If you want to make a level visible in one of the tabs, it has be set to Read or Write to make levels under these tabs visible. (For instance: you first have to make the Explorer tab visible and only then can you make the company level and employee level visible.)


Explorer tab

Make the Employee tab, for example, visible by clicking on Write.

Making tabs visible

1. Select a tab under Explorer. These can now be viewed by the user.

2. Select a tab under this level.

3. Specify whether the user has no permissions (None), permission to view dashlets on this tab (Read), or permission to modify (Write).

4. Click Add dashlet to give permissions for a dashlet

Please note: If you want to allow a client to modify the dashboard, the tab has to be set to Write. The user is then given permission to configure his own dashboard. Of course, the permissions that have been given cannot be modified.

Setting up template by dashlet

Click on the dashlets which have to be displayed in the user's dashboard.

The dashlets you leave on this list will not be immediately visible to the user on his screen. He can add these dashlets via Add dashlet if the user has Write permissions on the tab.

Configuring dashboard

The dashlets you have clicked end up on the dashboard. Here you can still modify the permissions and drag or collapse the dashlets. The way the dashboard is configured here is how the user will see his dashboard later on.

Follow these steps for each tab and each level that you want to make visible. When you have finished this, click Close at the bottom right.

When the dashlets are 'clicked away' and appear underneath one another in the overview under 'add dashlet' they are accessible to the client via settings.
When you click on the line (name), this will be shown on the left of the screen.
The dashlets which are there can be found directly on the page.

Applying template

1. If there are users who are linked to this template, the newly made adjustments will immediately be applied in the template. When you click on the button 'Apply template for users', the dashlets for linked users will be reset to the default settings of the template.

2. If you want to reset to the default settings of the template for one user only, first click 'Users' and then the same 'Apply template for users' button.

Client login

If this template has not yet been selected for the desired user, go to creation of a client login at the debtor level.

Applying template

1. You can create a New Account for a user and select this template.

2. You can also modify the template of an existing user.

Selecting template

The newly created template can be selected under Template user.


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