Use of 2 wage models

In Visma Nmbrs it is possible to use two wage models at the same time.

This is possible if you have created a default wage model on master level and want to apply certain deviations for certain clients in the same environment.

An example of these deviations can be a different description or different set up of base values of the same wage code.

In order to add a 2nd wage model, you go to Salary settings - Wage model on Master or Debtor level. Go to the tab Wage models” and choose a number and description for the new model.


Then go to the tab Wage codes and press “Select wage codes” and pick the wage codes that you want to edit the description or the value for. You are able to edit this by marking the wage code and then press “Change wage code description” or “Change value”.


After you have added the wage model and made potential edits of description or value, you go to Company level and open the dashlet Labour agreement settings. On the details page, choose Wage model 2.


Please note that deviations made for wage codes in wage model 2 will overwrite descriptions and settings of wage codes in wage model 1 for that company.


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