Adjust settings for a Wage or Hour code

Example: You want to add a wage component with a fixed value, but this fixed value is not standard in Visma Nmbrs, such as compensation for travel expenses per kilometer.

Wage model / Hour model


On Debtor level, go to Wage model or Hour model, depending on exactly what you want to adjust.

Select Wage code / Hour code


If you click on 'Select Wage Codes', you can add wage codes to the wage model.

It is also possible to modify the description of a wage code by clicking on the wage code and then on 'Change Wage Code Description'.
Please note: A sector wage code at the accountant level can never be overwritten on the debtor level.

You can modify the fixed value of a wage code using 'Change Value'.



Enter a clear value under 'Description', so the wage component is easy to identify later. Then click on 'Save'.

Detail Value


Enter the desired value and click 'Save'.

The adjusted Wage Code


Wage Code Output

Please note: If you have adjusted an hour code, you will also have to adjust the wage code.

When you click on the hour code, you will see on the right the output wage code for this hour code.
This is the wage code that also appears on the payslip.


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