Changing the name or domain (other URL or own domain)

Name change

If you want to change the debtor name of your environment, the legal owner can send a ticket to our support department with the request to adjust it. We ask you to send the following information:

  • The official Chamber of Commerce document with the desired debtor name on it.
  • Copy ID of the legal owner.

In the event of a contract takeover, we ask for a signed agreement from the transferring and acquiring party.

Also see: Change subscription

Changing Domain (URL)

It is possible to let us change the Visma Nmbrs address (the URL) of your environment ([own name] In this case, it only concerns a change of the part in front of "".

The cost of this change is a one-off amount of € 85.00 (excluding VAT). The request for changing the URL can be sent in to support via 'submit a request'.

Please note: after changing the domain name, the references to the old URL will no longer work. Inform clients and employees in good time of the imminent changes!
Also references (signals) to the old URL such as leave applications and viewing of payslips, will no longer work. Not yet approved leave applications will have to be approved in the application.



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