How to purchase Visma Nmbrs

If you have requested a Visma Nmbrs Free trial, you can purchase Nmbrs via the Nmbrs settings. Click 'xx days remain, start now!' in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to go to the Nmbrs shop; you won't be billed right away.


In the Visma Nmbrs shop, you can determine which subscription suits your situation best. Enter at the top of the screen how many employees you do payments for; the system automatically calculates which subscription plan is most beneficial.


The icon below indicates which subscription plan is most beneficial:


Via 'Start now!', you can personally indicate when you want to start with Nmbrs. For example, you can select 'Start now!' sooner and indicate that you only want to be billed in January. In that case, the intervening months through January will not be added to the bill. It is also possible to indicate a past period prior to the start of the billing. Starting with the indicated start of billing, it is possible to send in wage tax declarations. In that case, indicate under 'Start now!' the month you want to first transmit the wage tax declaration.



Indicate which package you want to acquire and enter all the information. Tick the last three checkboxes. Our Terms and Conditions and the service level agreement can be found on our website.

Click on Save and continue on to send the information. Your request will now be processed by the sales department.



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