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 This category contains the core of Visma Nmbrs Payroll; All information needed to create a new company and add new employees, with all associated detailed information.

Create new company and add employees

Before you are able to process a run it's needed to create a company where employees can be added. Accountants can choose to create a debtor before hand, in case multiple companies are part of the same debtor.

Default Company and Employees

With the Default company option (for accountants), a new company can be created with the same salary settings (wage models, workflow, leave saldo, salary document settings) as another company. However, company-specific settings, like personal information, employees and tax settings will not be copied.

Default employee settings allow standard employee settings for all online clients to be created in Visma Nmbrs, so only personal data, wages, schedule and fixed wage components need to be entered.

Proforma & Sandbox

With the help of a Proforma, you can get an estimation for a new employee for the monthly net amount and employer costs.
There are several limitations for the Proforma.

Sandbox makes it possible to work in Visma Nmbrs without changing data in the real, live database. Sandbox operates in a separate environment, where the effects of adjustments can be tested safely.

Register Employee 'Out of service'

If an employee is 'Out of service', this can be processed in two way: by entering a date of 'Out of service' or by using the 'Out of service' wizard. Using the wizard, it is possible to pay out extra hours of leave or keep these and have possible wage codes calculated on a pro-rated basis.


Changing contract or employment

If an employee's contract or employment has already been created but must be changed, follow the instructions in the article below:

Double employment

In some cases, it is necessary to create a double employment for an employee. The article below explains the cases in which this is or is not necessary. Creating a double employment is also described here:



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