Creating a client login (Accountants)

In Nmbrs it is possible to give your customers access to the environment. This kind of login is called a company login. It will provide access to their own companies and the employees that are processed in these companies.

How a customer is granted access and which template users you can use for this, is described in this article.

Creating a login with access to companies


Click on the debtor and head to the user accounts -> Client login.user_templates.png

Click on new account, enter the customer information and click on save. Here you can also indicate which template will receive the customer login. The template determines which rights the login has.

Several default templates are available or you can create your own template (user template).

Filter options of the login

After creating the login, you still need to indicate in the filter to which companies under the debtor the customer has access, if you do not enter them, the customer does not see anything.

Click on the envelope under active, the customer will now receive an email to activate his login and set a password. After this step, the customer can log in.

Login with accress to the debtor level

It's only possible to grant access to companies and employees when creating a company login. In case you'd like to grant access to the debtor level, a client login is required. 


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