API difference NL and SE


The Nmbrs have different payroll features available for NL and SE. Payroll related modules are country specific, therefore different functionalities have to be available to handle it. The API follows the same logic as the webapp and when there are different dashlets, the API offers different calls. 



Dashlet: a specific functionality in Nmbrs 



Shared calls

Most of the dashlets use the same call for NL and SE.  


Exactly the same 

  • Hour components
  • Wage components
  • Bank account

Differences within a call

Personal info

NL has more fields available to fill. The same call can be used in NL and SE, therefore in SE only the available fields will be shown.  



The house number / suffix is the only difference between NL and SE.



In NL, there is the concept of salary table, but it does not exist in SE.



Due to the WAB changes, NL has two more fields than SE regarding contracts: written contract and contract hours per week. 



Different calls

Some dashlets are completely different in NL and SE, and consequently in the API.



NL -> Schedule [Schedule_Get, Schedule_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany, Schedule_GetCurrent, Schedule_GetList, Schedule_Update, Schedule_UpdateCurrent]

SE -> Time Schedule [TimeSchedule_AllEmployee_GetListByPeriod, TimeSchedule_DeleteByID, TimeSchedule_GetAll, TimeSchedule_GetListByPeriod, TimeSchedule_Insert]


Time registration

Only exists in SE. 



How to know which calls are from NL and SE?

On the specification, there is a tag NL-only or SE-only identifying which calls are country specific. 

Also, there is a error code that informs the developer when a call is not available for that specific country: 

3001: This call is not available in your country

For example, if the call TimeRegistration_GetList is called with authentication of a user that belongs to NL environment, then it will return the above error message. 




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