Single Sign-On Service Flow (SSO)

With the SSO Service you can build an auto-login application to Nmbrs.

Step 1 - Get an Access token

You can use the SSO service to request an access token. For this you have to supply a valid Nmbrs user account email and password/token.

In case you want to use username and password you use "GetToken".
For username and API token (fetched from the user interface) you use "GetToken2".

Step 2 - Make a call to our login page

You can send the receives access token to our login page in order to access the Nmbrs environement.



  • "nmbrs_environment" is your Nmbrs subdomain, for example "login" (
  • "access-token" is the authentication token fetched on the previous step.

Please be aware of the fact that the access token is only valid for 30 seconds.





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