Template: Employee login

Within Visma Nmbrs you can use different templates. The article below describes the available dashlets and permissions for the Employee login template.

Each available dashlet specifies the maximum permissions of a dashlet:
Read: The employee can view the contents of the dashlets.
Write: The employee can modify the contents of the dashlets.

An employee can never adjust data such as address / bank account number, etc. himself.
Modifications for this can be requested by the employees with the change requests.

Please note:
A dashlet with maximum permission of 'Write' can be adjusted to 'Read' or 'None'. 
A dashlet with maximum permission of 'Read' can be changed to 'None' but not to 'Write'.

A missing dashlet cannot be added.

More information about changing a template according to the client's requirements can be found in this article.

TABS: Start Read Write
Documents   x
Links   x
Payslips per period   x
Payslips per run   x
Mutationforms   x
Personal details   x
RSS   x
Timeregistration   x
Birthdays department   x
Birthdays company   x
Leave   x
Leave overview department   x
Leave overview company   x


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