Create employee login (ESS), delete login and e-mail signals

What kinds of employee logins are there?

Visma Nmbrs uses two types of employee logins:

1. The payslip viewer.
The employee only has access to his payslips per period.

2. The employee login (Employee Self Service):
Per debtor you can set up which permissions the employee has via his login. The possible functionalities include, a.o.: viewing personal details, maintaining time registration, viewing leave & leave applications and viewing & downloading payslips. By creating an own employee login template, you can see and add more functionalities for the employee.

How do I create an employee login?

Select the template that is applicable for the login: Payslip viewer (new). With this template, the employee can only view his payslips. Employee Login. With this template, the employee can make use of the previously mentioned functionalities

1. Go to the debtor level (accountant) or master level (business). For accountants, employee logins must be created at debtor level. For business environments, the employee logins can be found at master level.

Description from an accountant enviornment


Description from a business environment


2.Create a new employee login by clicking on the plus sign after the name of the employee.



3. Enter the email address and the name of the employee.

4. Select the template that is applicable for the login:



Adding/deleting new logins of several employees at a time

It is possible to add and/or delete multiple logins at the same time by using the bulk functionality. Please note: Any outstanding change requests linked to the employee login will be deleted.

Select several employees manually or using the previously selected filters (All, None, All with employee login, All without employee login). You can then also enable/disable the check box per employee. Choose from:

- Business Email or Private Email
- An own user template or a standard Visma Nmbrs template (Payslip viewer or Employee Login)
- Language (NL, EN, DE, or SE)

These choices are applied for all selected employees. Then click on 'Add user accounts' or 'Delete user accounts'.

Create employee logins in bulk:


Delete employee logins in bulk:


Please note: Any outstanding change requests linked to the employee login will be deleted.

If an employee does not have the selected email address under 'Personal details', an employee login will not be created for this employee.

When an employee login is created, it is no longer possible to change the details or the template here. The login must then first be deleted and unlocked again.

When an employee leaves service, the login remains active.

Please note: When an employee has left service, he will not be on the 'list' at employee login. Here you will only see the employees who are in service. You can create a login for these employees at employee level under 'Settings --> General --> Employee login'.

Employee has a new email address:

When an employee has a change of email address, you have to delete the existing login and create a new login with the new email address.
It is not possible to change the email address in an existing login.

The employee can thus continue to view all payslips as this function is not dependant on the email address.

Employee login email alerts:

Creating an employee login 

When creating an employee login we use the work email address; if this is not filled in, we use the private email address.

HR-signals (leave etc.)

Alerts are sent to the work email address; when this is not filled in, the private email address is used, irrespective of the email address used for the employee login.

Employee login differs from the private and work mail address

If the employee login mail address differs from the private and work mail address, the alerts are sent to the employee login address.

Resend password link

If an employee needs the reset his password, it is possible to send a link for this to his email. Go to the details page of the employee login dashlet by clicking "More...". Then press "Resend password". A link to reset the password will be sent to the email address given in the same dashlet.




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