Exporting to Excel

You can export data from Visma Nmbrs to Excel. This is useful when you want to make changes to existing employee data, for example. This way, you do not have to re-enter all the data.

You can export data at both debtor level and company level. At debtor level you export all data and at company level you can export per tab.

Please note: export files are stored on our server for one week, after which they can no longer be downloaded from the environment. If you want to keep an export file, you'll need to save it somewhere else.

Debtor level


1. Go to debtor level on the Explorer tab.

2. Click Import / Export Advanced.

Debtor level business


1. Go to the Settings tab.

2. Click Import / Export Advanced under the Payroll settings dashlet.

Import / Export Advanced


Click Export to export the data.

Import/Export Company Level


1. Go to Company level..

2. Click the sheet in the Import / Export Company level dashlet that you want to export.



1. With Batch Operation you can still choose what you want to export.

2. Click Export.

Excel Spreadsheet


You'll then receive an export of the data in Excel.



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