Merging a run

Within Visma Nmbrs it's possible to, after having processed a normal run, add a separate correction run to an earlier run.

For example, if you've forgotten to add the travel expenses to an employee, then it's possible to process a separate correction for that employee and to subsequently add this correction to the earlier normal run. Merging runs does not work in combination with a pre-run.

Please note: As soon as the correction has been added to the earlier normal run, you cannot reverse this!

Please note: It is not possible to merge multiple retroactive corrections in the normal run! However, you can combine multiple retroactive corrections into one single retroactive run first, which you can then merge with the normal run.

Conditions for merging runs

  1. The first run needs to be a normal run or a normal run with a retroactive correction.
  2. The second run needs to be a retroactive run (a stand-alone correction over an earlier period).
  3. Both runs need to be unlocked.
  4. Click on the icon ('Merge runs'); you will then see the screen below for the actual merging of the runs.

Merging runs

  1. By clicking on 'Merge', both runs will be merged.

Please note: This cannot be reversed!

Merged run


The end result: the runs are merged.


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